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Adding new activities - hundreds more added!

One of our agents rightly pointed out that if a client rings and wants to add an activity to a tour to see a price you would need to liaise with our team etc which slows everything down.

Well hold on to your best Clint Eastwood impression people because this is gonna make your day… Now with nzsidekick you can find and add activities yourself.

Yes it’s true. I know – exciting!

The benefits of having it in the system are:

• we have lots of pop up (clickable) information for you to look at

• its real time information

• the system can generate pricing based on how many people are loaded in the itinerary automatically!

• you can add them to the itinerary by simply clicking the box which will save heaps of time and

• the system presents them in the right chronological order for the itinerary and days so you don’t have to think through each day.

As you know activities for itineraries already sit down the left but these are only the key few sellers – click on them and they are added to the tour etc.

Now also in the itinerary (so you need to create an itinerary to do this or just view an existing one to see how it works) at the end of each days description you will find in the bottom right a light blue link saying ‘show other activity suggestions

When you click on this it will bring up all popular activities in that location that you can add simply by clicking on the box. For more detail simply click on the small ‘?’ symbol.

Awesome, even if we do say so ourselves.

Hiding old enquiries:

We were advised that as client lists build up under ‘Your Clients’ it can start to get on the large side which can make finding what you want a little harder.

Well this is now a thing of the past folks! To fix that we have introduced a new Hide this enquiry' button which when clicked will enable you to hide (archive) cold and old enquires and completed bookings so they don’t show on your clients list.

Don’t worry they are still all hiding there and you can still search for old clients. Easy as!

p.s. you can’t hide booked/confirmed itineraries.

Exporting booked itineraries details

We were asked about being able to export booked and confirmed itinerary details so you could copy the items into your system.

This is now live. Ah so many goodies in such a short space of time!

It appears on booked/confirmed itineraries only – and has a blue CSV link.

Simply click on this link and it open a basic csv file (excel) which you can then save or import into your system. It displays the basic info and any items that are included in the itinerary.

Sidekickers present the Grand Tour!

No Jeremy Clarkson in this one - just 3 of our firendly sidekickers walking you through the nuts and bolts of how it all works - Join Narissa, Salli (the Jaffa) and Laura D (The Scottish Laura) who will give you the grand tour of the NZ Sidekick site.


Office Alone

Yep it’s Christmas and what better present than a new nzsidekick video! We have opted for ‘Office Alone’ this month with all of our awesome sales team involved plus after lots of feedback Dave is keeping his clothes on this time around - hurrah!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year. We can’t wait to help you with your New Zealand bound customers in 2018!

Double XXL Dave - A mission to save agents

Yes folks our second addtion to our nzsidekick parody video Double XL Dave who is on a mission to save agents!
Enjoy and make sure for any New Zealand touring holidays you give us the chance to blow you away. Not literally of course. Bond would never do that.

misTAKEN - The difference between nzsidekick and the others!

We like to do things a little differently here so rather than send you lots of text every couple of months we thought bugger it, let’s just do a fun video.

misTAKEN is the first instalment and every couple of months there’ll be a new video so watch out for it!

Paying for itineraries in different currencies

Does the price fluctuate for currencies other than $NZD?

Short answer is yes, the cost may fluctuate when the pricing is in any other currency other than $NZD. However bear in mind that our systems allow you and clients to pay in their home currency which can make a considerable saving on currency conversion fees at your end or the clients end. We endeavour to smooth currency changes as much as possible and so changes are negligible. And of course the cost may go down too. If you prefer to have an absolute fixed price to work from then you can have pricing set to $NZD and convert to your local currency yourself. Just let us know if you want to change or if you want some further advice.