It's More About You Than Us!

We Help Travel Agents Sell NZ Touring Itineraries ... And Help You Look Awesome to Your Clients

At nzsidekick we all grew up in the travel industry. We were consultants, wholesalers, owner operators, we ran agencies and we owned successful retail groups. We've lived and breathed the industry from a travel agents perspective for well over 100 years between us. We know one thing better than most: your job is hard!

Not just ‘get up early and leave late' hard but ‘juggling multiple jobs and suppliers at the same time' hard, ‘keeping up with ever changing technology and rules' hard, ‘satisfying the more demanding customer' hard and ‘selling destinations (like our beloved New Zealand) when you are confronted with your well-researched customer' hard.

You train for years, you work your butts off, you face the constant talk of ‘the internet taking over' and you're experts in your field but can't charge like it!

We understand just how challenging this can be and we salute you. You are our heroes.

But every hero needs a sidekick.

We are nzsidekick. We sell New Zealand to travel agents and we are experts at NZ touring itineraries, the more complex the better. Like any good sidekick our job is to make you look awesome. To make sure you stand out. To be in the background making it easy for the real hero - you - to work your magic. And to be there, at your shoulder, to look after your customers while they are in New Zealand.

We could list at least 15 reasons why you need us as your sidekick. But we won't. That would be a little overindulgent on our part. Here's 14 though:

  • We treat travel agents like customers and clients, not like 'industry'
  • We have decades of experience creating the perfect New Zealand experiences
  • We have unique agent only systems designed to make you an ‘NZ expert'
  • We have over 350 ‘ready to go' self-drive and independent coach holidays
  • We can custom design and create itineraries specifically for you - same day turnaround
  • Our itineraries and documentation are all ‘white labelled' with your company information and logo not ours - you're the hero!
  • Multiple payment options - pay net value or retail value
  • Unbeatable commissions
  • Pricing available is NZ$, AU$, US$, GBP, Euro, CA$, CNY, HK$, SG$, JPY and ZAR
  • We provide extensive in country support for your clients
  • Our itineraries aren't just ‘lists of accommodations and dates' like most wholesalers. Ours are useful, professional and informative documents that make sense to your clients
  • We produce and provide quality documentation on your behalf and with your branding
  • Our quality assurance systems are second to none. We review and test product constantly and we constantly set industry benchmarks for service and process.
  • We are based in New Zealand, on the ground, hands on, each and every day

There are no fees, no credit card charges or fees or complicated registration processes or forms to complete. We can usually have you set up on the same working day or instantly if you self-register.

We can also white-label all of our content for your own agency/brand giving you a fantastic New Zealand section on your website for your customers to be inspired by.

If you are would like to access our system then simply contact us here or register here.

And thank you for all that you do. You are our hero.

Your trusted sidekick